Real Video Call Santa

The premier app to talk to Santa Claus!

Video Call Santa Claus for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Real Video Call Santa is the premier app that allows you to send and receive video mails from Santa Claus. Santa Claus will watch your video and send a reply as soon as possible. Replies are based on the sent videos so you won't hear pre-recorded message as is the case with other apps!

How it works:

You will be given up to 30s to record your video in English or French. 

If you are a child, you may introduce yourself, tell your name and age, your gift list...

 If you are a parent, you may report if your child has been nice or naughty...

 However, you are free to talk to Santa on whatever you like! Also, if you feel a bit shy to show yourself, you may block the front camera with your finger, Santa understands!

iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch